Fundy Coast Genealogy
Genealogy research in Southern New Brunswick
About Fundy Coast's genealogist
Daphne holds a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies: Canadian Records (2017), an Advanced Level Professional Development Certificate (2021), and a Certificate in Genealogical Studies: DNA and Genetic Genealogy (2022) from the International Institute for Genealogical Studies.
Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Daphne has many years of experience as a genealogy researcher, and has deep ancestral roots in the province. These roots include Loyalist and Irish immigrants; Premiers and paupers; shipbuilders and woodsmen; doctors, lawyers, engineers and many others who helped build the province of New Brunswick.
Daphne is an active member of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society and serves in a variety of management roles within the society.
In addition to her research experience, Daphne's degree in Health Sciences and background in medical radiation technology provide the degree of confidentiality, analytical skills and attention to detail required for this type of research.
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