Fundy Coast Genealogy
Genealogy research in Southern New Brunswick
Client comments
I have been hugely impressed by the dedication and knowledge displayed by Daphne who has pulled together a comprehensive file on five generations of the Canadian side of my family who hails from the region. In addition to intelligent sleuthing in the public records and archives, Daphne networked and found a local historian who located my family's ancestral home. She even traipsed around the cemetery (in New Brunswick in February no less) to track someone down and found an article in an 1880's newspaper which shed light on an interesting aspect of my heritage. In addition to expert online research, these local efforts were especially useful, as being an American who has never been to New Brunswick, I would never have been able to accomplish any of this.

Finally, I would praise her communication skills; she is very responsive, answered all my questions and was excellent in packaging information in a logical way. I would recommend Daphne to anyone who wants to make progress quickly but with the benefit of full professional documentation.
— Deborah – UK
September 2020
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